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Melanie C,If that Were Me.
 Tabbed by Bones.tbones@bradway91.freeserve.co.uk.
  MELANIE C - If That Were Me
  Transcribed By Bones


  o.k.-The basic chord progression is G-Am-C D
  and you can use "open chords"
  i.E. G = 320003
       Am= x02210
       C = x32010       
       D = xx0230
       Em= 022000

  OR  Play the Accoustic Riff:-

      (G)          (Am)      (C)        (D)
  (~ = slide )


..Am            C       D           G-Am-C-D 
  Where do they go and what do they do? 
 G        Am         C
  They're walking on by.
        D          G-Am-C-D
  There looking at you.
 G     Am     C          D      G-Am-C-D
  Some people stop, some people stare
 G     Am        C            D       G-G(**)-C-D (** YES! Gx2 -no Am This line !)
  But would they help you and do they care?
 G    Am  C    D       G - Am
  How-wow-wow did you fall?
 -C        D      G-Am-C-D...
  Did you fall at all?
..(D)     Em             C-D           Em            C-D
  Are you happy were you are sleeping underneath the stars?
            C               Em                  Am-D
  When it's cold is it your hope that keeps you warm?
 * (An'the rest is the same except for that orchestrally            *
 *  bit later on which you can miss out when you do your            *
 *  unplugged version in front of your mates,girl/boy friends etc..)*

  A spare bit of change is all that I give
  How is that gonna help you when you've got nowhere to live?
  Some turn away so they don't see.
  I bet you'd look if that were me.

  How did you fall?
  Did you fall at all?
  Is it lonely where you are sleeping in between parked cars?
  When it thunders where do you hide from the storm?

  Could you ever forgive my self-pity?
  When you've got nothing and living on the streets of the city.
  Icouldn't live without my phone.
  But you don't even have a home.

  How did we fall?
  Can we get up at all?
  Are we happy where we are on our lonely little star?
  When it's cold is it your hope that keeps you warm

  Where do they go and what do they do?
  They're walking on by.
  They're looking at you.
  They're walking on by.
  They're looking at you.


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