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    Bring The Rain

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I can count a million times
people asking me how i
G                                            C
can praise you with all that ive gone thruogh?

The question just amaze's me
can circumstances possibly
G                            C
change who i forever am in you?

To turn my back on you O lord
My only shelter from the storm
G                                           C
but instead I draw closer through these times

Am      D
So I Pray
          C                   G
Bring me joy Bring me peace bring the chance to be free
D                                      Em
bring me any thing that brings you glory
       C                                  G
But I know thell be days when this life brings me pain
         D                            Em         C          G
but if thats what it takes to praise you, Jesus bring the rain

its the same chords through the rest of the song, but I havent quit figured out how the 
go's but im pretty sure this is it

-Chris Davis
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