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    Here With Me

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    Here With Me (Live)

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Song: Here With Me
Artist: MercyMe

For those of us that have trouble with Bar Chords.
Capo 2nd Fret, all chords are in relation to Capo.

Chords Used:
    A    Em   G    D   Csus2   Gsus2    Bm

Intro:  AEmG - D

   A                Em
I long for your embrace
G             D
Every single day
   A                  Em
To meet You in this place
    G                D
And see You face to face
            A    Em
Will You show me
    G                D
Reveal Yourself to me
                  A     Em
Because of Your mercy
     G             D
I fall down on my knees

                 A                 Em
I can feel Your presence here with me
              G                  D
Suddenly I'm lost within Your beauty
                 A                 Em
Caught up in the wonder of Your touch
              G             D
Here in this moment I surrender to Your love

Break:  AEmG - D

2nd Verse:
       A            Em
You're everywhere I go
G           D
I am not alone
     A               Em
You call me as Your own
   G                 D
To know You and be known
         A     Em
You are holy
        G               D
And I fall down on my knees

Repeat Chorus

Csus2     Gsus2           D
    I surrender to Your grace
Csus2     Gsus2        Bm              Csus2
    I surrender to the One who took my place

Repeat Chorus:  (2x)
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