• Song:

    On My Way To You

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Almost There

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On My Way To You

Intro: F   Bb2/G   Eb2  (2x) 
      Eb2                              Bb2/G       
 Almost there, almost where I'm supposed to be  
Bb                           F/A                   Bb2/G       
It's not all clear, but you keep showing me  
                   Eb2                          Bb2/G 
With every step, the more my heart moves to your beat  
Bb/D                      Eb2 
Just like where I'm headed, there's joy in the journey 
		E/G#               Bb2                Eb2 ? Bb/Eb 
Teach me to think like you think  
F/A               Bb2                  Eb2 ? Bb/Eb 
Show me the things, that are true  
F/A              Bb2                      Eb2 ? Bb/Eb 
Finish the work you have started in me  
       Bb        Bb2/G       Eb2 
As I'm on my way to you  (X2) 
             Eb2                              Bb2/G       
Create in me a pure heart and make mew new  
Bb                            F/A                   Bb2/G       
Less of me, Jesus more of You  
                   Eb2                           Bb2/G       
Here I stand, still I'm drawn down to my knees  
Bb/D                      Eb2 
It's not my strength, but Yours that carries me  
I'm on my way to you (5x
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