This is my first tab, tout premier, I was frustrated with the other one.

capo 1

C       G    F             G
I can recall only this one time 
This kind of control the girl had on my mind
I've fallen deep, I can't get out
      F                     G
I've never acted this way before

C       F             Am   G   
I spent days and nights in my bedroom
Trying to write the perfect song to sing to you
Write a song a day, but she won't like it anyway
Back to the drawing board                    F
With the words youve heard a million times before

Feeling alone, and she's on my mind
Try to erase all the pain from that time
She's breaking up, and I'm breakin down
Now I'm headed out of this fucked up town

 C G Am G      F               G
So love me, so I can be myself again
Now hate me, so things seem normal in my head 
I'm trying to break away this ball and chain
So hate me, so things seem normal in my head
Things seem normal in my head
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