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this is the chords of jaded-mest feat. benji madden..i juz get them by capo..aw..am juz 
13..i dunno if this is right..
           B                 F#
There's a time and place for everything
           G#m               E
There's a reason why certain people meet
           B              F#
There's a destination for everyone
            G#m         E
What's the explanation..when were done.

         B                   F#
All the summer nights spent wondering
So many questions asked
But no one's answering
         B            F#
Would it be okay if I left today
        G#m                 E
Took my chances on what you said was wrong.

     B     F#                      G#m
I'm jaded, stupid and reckless not sorry
          E                  B
When I'll never regret these years spent
   F#                     G#m
So faded and reckless not sorry
          E                 G#m
And I'll never regret these years
I'll never regret these years.

    B             F#
Now here I sit so far away
   G#m              E
Remembering all our memories
           B                       F#
Well it's times like these when I miss you most
   G#m               E
Remembering when we were so close.


      E                B                        F#m
I'll never forget the places we've been you and I
      E         B                   E                        F#
Our lives are slipping away, don't want to let time pass us by


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