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    Glass Ceiling Acoustic

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This is the "Acoustic Version", so if you're playing along with the record
 version it might not sound perfect but it sounds good on its own.

    E     G     Am    C

E                   G                        Am          G 
Only know what I'm told, Only know what I'm told
E       G          Am         G 
Fast asleep daydreaming
          E               G             Am       G
Start to push, break your own glass ceiling
        E            G                Am         G
Can't count, can't catch the pieces falling

E    G   E    G
Who-oo, Who-oo,
E     G        Am         G
Who let it end up on the ground
E      G        Am         G           C
How am I gonna know you're letting me down
Am              G
How'd I end up on the 
E   G   Am   G

(Same as First Verse)
Only do what I'm told, only do what I'm told
Last to leave cold calling
You're gonna lose your arms, amputate plasticine
There's no knight in silver armor shining

Who let it end up on the ground
How am I gonna know I'm letting you down
Who let it end up on the ground
G                 Am        C
How did he end up on the ground
G         Am        C
Face down on the ground

Only go where I'm told, only know what I'm told
Inch to inches crowding
We can't leave, it's the last road open
Every speed on our knees is crawling

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