• Song:

    The King Beetle On A Coconut Estate

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  • Album:

    It's All Crazy! It's Al...

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Intro: Bm

       Bm                          A
As the moon rose and the hour grew late,
     A                      Bm
the day-help on The Coconut Estate
      Bm                                          A
raked up the dried leaves that fell dead from the trees,
           A                        Bm
which they burned in a pile by the lake.

Bm A A Bm

    Bm                       A
The beetle king summoned his men
             A                        Bm
and from the top of the rhododendron stem,
          Bm                               A
"Calling all volunteers who can carry back here,
          A                              Bm
the great mystery that's been lit once again."

Bm A A Bm

     Bm                      A
One beetle emerged from the crowd
      A                    Bm
in a fashionable abdomen, shroud.
             Bm                                       A
Said, "I'm a professor, you see, that's no mystery to me.
         A                         F#
I'll be back soon, successful and proud."

              G                  Bm
But when the beetle professor returned,
                   A                         E
he crawled on all six as his wings had been burned
                     G                       Bm
and described to the finest detail all he'd learned.
                    A           F#           Bm
There was neither a light nor a heat in his words.

Bm A A Bm
Mmmmmmm   (x2)

    Bm                   A
The deeply dissatisfied king
            A                              Bm
climbed the same stem to announce the same thing.
            Bm                                 A
But in his second appeal sought to sweeten the deal
       A                    Bm
with a silver padparadscha ring.

        Bm                           A
The lieutenant stepped out from the line
        A                     Bm
as he lassoed his thorax with twine,
               Bm                            A
thinking, "I'm stronger and braver and I'll earn the king's favor.
    A                      F#
One day all he has will be mine."

        G                       Bm
But for all the lieutenant's conceit,
                 A                      E
he too returned singed and admitting defeat.
           G                             Bm
"I had no choice, please believe, but retreat.
                     A                           E
It was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
                         G                       Bm
and it cracked like the thunder and bloodshot my eyes.
                       A                       E
Though smothered with sticks, it advanced undeterred.
           G                         Bm
Carelessly cast an ash cloud to the sky, my lord
       A             F#         Bm
like a flock of dark vanishing birds."

Bm A A Bm
Mmmmmmmm (x2)

Modulation: Em D D Em (x2)

     C                            Em
The beetle king slammed down his fist.
                  D                        A
"Your flowery description's no better than his!
                C                            Em
We sent for the great light and you bring us this?!
                       D                           A
We didn't ask what it seems like, we asked what it is!"
              C                      Em
His majesty's hour at last is drawn nigh.
            D                              A
The elegant queen took her leave from his side.
              C                          Em
Without understanding, but without asking why,
                   D                          A
she gathered their kids to come bid their goodbyes.
                   C                               Em
And the father explained, "You've been somewhat deceived,
                         D                            A
we've all called me your dad, but your true Dad's not me.
                    C                           Em
I lay next to your mom and your forms were conceived.
                   D                        A
Your Father's the light within all that you see.
                 C                       Em
He fills up the ponds as He empties the clouds;
               D                            A
holds without hands and He speaks without sounds.
                        C                           Em
He provides us with the cow's waste and coconuts to eat;
                     D                             A
giving one that nice salt taste, and the other is sweet.
                 C                                Em
Sends the black carriage the day death shows its face;
              D                         A
thinning our numbers with kindness and grace.
                C                          Em
And just as a flower and its fragrance are one,
                D                      A
so must each of you and your Father become."
                     C                        Em
"Now distribute my scepter, my crown, and my throne
                        D                       A
and all we've known as wealth to the poor and alone."
                    C                            Em
Without further hesitation, without looking back home,
                  D                       A
the king flew headlong into the blazing unknown.
            C                             Em
And as the smoke king hurled higher and higher,
                   D                         A
the troops flying loops round the telephone wires;
                C                                       Em
They said, "Our beloved's not dead, but his highness instead,
           D      B           Em
has been utterly changed into fire."

            C                    Em
Why not be utterly changed into fire?
            D                     A
Why not be utterly changed into fire?
            C                    Em
Why not be utterly changed into fire?
            D      B              Em
Why not be utterly changed into fire? (x2)
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