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Mia Rose – Let go 

Capo on 5th

     G            Cadd9    Csus4 	      D
Every shred of hope collides in your heart 
    G    	    Cadd9 	           Csus2 	 D
with the fear of losing what you've just given up 
     G    	     Cadd9 	Csus2       D
As the moments pass you pray to survive 
     G    	Cadd9 	        Csus2 	 D            G Cadd9 Csus2 D 2x
All these lonely minutes that once kept you alive 

     G    	         Cadd9 	      Csus2 	                      D
Try to change the expression that's worn out your face 
     G    	    Cadd9 	   Csus2 	            D
As you lose the momentum of your past living ways
     G    	    Cadd9    Csus2 	 	       D
Every song is a channel for the memories to keep
     G    	Cadd9 	Csus2 	D
floating in your head as you're left asking

Em           C            G  	   D
Why did I choose to let it all go
Em                        C        
Was it the fear of needing 
   G 			D
or the doubts I let show
Em                        C        
I never gave up fighting
            G 	    D
I never said goodbye
Em          C          G       D      G Cadd9 Csus2 D 2x
So why? Why did we let go?..

     G    	   Cadd9 	  Csus2 	            D
Every day is a new breath, but the battle's still on 
          G           Cadd9         Csus2 		   D
trying hard to elude them by keeping my head strong 
          G           Cadd9         Csus2 	    D
Still I feel the exhaustion of wanting your kiss 
          G           Cadd9         Csus2 	D
As I'm left here asking the same damn question


      Csus2				Cadd9	                D	
You never showed that you were scared of losing me
       Csus2				      Cadd9      D
And You... You didn't fight to make me stay in your arms 
So I'm left asking...

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