• Song:

    My Heart Beats Fast

  • Artist:

    Micah Bentley

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Micah Bentley- My Heart Beats Fast

*CAPO on 1st fret*

Intro/1st verse
-3---3---3---3- --------5--------3-------3--------------|

   Em   C               Em   C            Em   D    C
I hope    to hold you close    to whisper in your ear 
     D             Em             C
That I have never felt this way before. 
I've never wanted something more 
         Em             C                            D
than to look into your eyes and to be right by your side
          Em               C
We could lose all track of time 
and I'll let your hands warm mine
          Em            C     
and I'll listen to your voice
                   Em    D    C
It's crazy how my heart beats fast when I'm with you
Em9   Em7    Em            D                           Em                
           I treasure each moment your'e near 
Em9   Em7  Em             D
           When I'm with you 
   Em    D     C         Em          D       
I feel much better. I forget about heartache and fear of being alone

*End with Intro*

Em9 with hammer on            Em7
-2h3--------|                -3----------|
-3----------|                -3----------|
-0----------|                -0----------|
-x----------|                -x----------|
-2----------|                -2----------|
-x----------|                -x----------|

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