• Song:

    Earth Song

  • Artist:

    Michael Jackson

  • Album:

    Not Guilty (Special Fan...

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Michael Jackson ? Earth Song

Work out rhythm and strum pattern by listening to the tune. Get this right and it
will sound great.


Abm	      466444
C#            x46664
C#/F          xx3121
Eb            xx1343
C#m7          x46454
Gbsus         244422
F#            244322
B	      x24442
C#m           x46654
Abm7          464444
Bbm           x13321
Bbm7          x13121
F             xx3211

Intro ? Abm, C#, Abm, C#, Abm, C#/F, Eb	

Verse 1 ? Abm, C#, Abm, C#, Abm, C#, Eb

Bridge 1 ?  (did you ever?)
	C#m7, Gbsus, F#, B, Abm, C#m Eb)
Chorus 1 (Ohh, Ahhh?..)
	Abm, C#, Abm7, C# (X4) then Eb at the end

Verse 2 ? Same as verse 1

Bridge 2 ? same as bridge 1

Chorus 2 ? Same as chorus 1

Bridge 2 ? (I used to dream?.)
	Same chords as bridge 1

Chorus 3 + 4 
	Bbm, Eb, Bbm7, Eb (to What about us? bit)

Outro (ahh, ohhh)
	Bbm7, Eb, Bbm, Eb, F

Any suggestions or comments please message me, Thanks
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