• Song:

    The Lady In My Life

  • Artist:

    Michael Jackson

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Standard tuning, no capo. These chords were written for piano but will sound just 
fine on guitar. In order to figure out the rhythm to certain chords you'll have to 
listen to the actual song. You can also simplify the chords as needed, it sounds fine.

Amaj9  Dm9 (x2)

Am7  D6/A  Am7  D6/A

Am7            D6/A            Am7  
There'll be no darkness tonight

Em7       Dm7            G/D
Lady, our love will shine

Em7           Dm7    Am7
(lighting the light)

              D6/A              Am7  
Just put your trust in my heart

    Em7        Dm7      G/D
And meet me in paradise

Em7         Dm7
(now is the time)

G                           Fmaj7       
You're every wonder in this world to me

G                             D/E
  A treasure time won't steal away

Amaj9                 Dm7
      So listen to my heart

         F/G           Cmaj7
Lay your body close to mine

       Fmaj9            Bm7
Let me fill you with my dreams

      D/E              Amaj7
I can make you feel so right

Amaj9                       Dm7
      And baby, through the years

      F/G                Cmaj7
Gonna love you more each day

     Fmaj9         Bm7
So I promise you tonight

              D/E                      Amaj9  Dm9
That you will always be the lady in my life

Dm9                           Em7
    Lay back in my tenderness

Dm9                                 Em7     Am7
    Let's make this a night we won't forget

Girl, I need your sweet caress

Dm9                        Em7
    Reach out to a fantasy

Dm9                             Em7   Am7
    Two hearts in the beat of ecstacy

         D/E E  
Come to me,    girl

Amaj9                    Dm7
     And I will keep you warm

            F/G                 Cmaj7
Through the shadows of the night

       Fmaj9                  Bm7
Let me touch you with my love

      D/E              Amaj7
I can make you feel so right

Amaj9                      Dm7
      And baby through the years,

     F/G                Cmaj7
Even when we're old and gray

       Fmaj9              Bm7
I will love you more each day

                D/E                      Amaj9
'cause you will always be the lady in my life


Em7  Amaj9  Dm9


Amaj9 Dm9 Em7

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