• Song:

    Breaking My Heart

  • Artist:

    Michael Learns To Rock

  • Album:

    That's WhyYou Go Away

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    e (022000@1)       a (x02210@1) i am on the floor
    d (xx0231@1)       a (x02210@1) 
  counting one minute moor
    e (022000@1)     a (x02210@1)      d (xx0231@1)  no one to break the silence 
    e (022000@1)            a (x02210@1)  staring in to the night 
    d (xx0231@1)              a (x02210@1) all alone and thats all right
    e (022000@1)    a (x02210@1)      d (xx0231@1) its the picture deep indide
       a (x02210@1)  i don't like
           e (022000@1)     a (x02210@1)          dChorus: (xx0231@1) there is no excuse m freind 
           a (x02210@1)            d (xx0231@1)      a (x02210@1)        d (xx0231@1)    e (022000@1)         for breaking my heart , breaking my heart again
           d (xx0231@1)           e (022000@1)       a (x02210@1) 
          this is where our journey end
            e (022000@1)      d (xx0231@1)            a (x02210@1)          you are breaking my heart again

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