• Song:

    More Than A Friend

  • Artist:

    Michael Learns To Rock

  • Album:

    Blue Night

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Hey guys!!! This is Shawn Back For You. Ive tabbed you the chords of  More Than A Friend 
Michael Learns To Rock... and yea..! plz rate it. Check it out...

INTRO: A D E D {2 times}

VERSE 1: A (x02220@1)     D (xx0232@1)              E (022100@1)        D (xx0232@1)        You got me counting the seconds
A (x02220@1)      D (xx0232@1)      EIt (022100@1)happens every time
F#m (244222@1)     D (xx0232@1)        BmI'm (x24432@1)waiting for the moment
        D (xx0232@1)                       E (022100@1)    Dwe (xx0232@1)can sit down and talk for a while

{same chords}
And every time that you're near me
my heart is running away
How can I tell you when words don't come easy
                       D (xx0232@1)         Eand (022100@1)there is so much I'm trying to say

CHORUS:         A (x02220@1)       D (xx0232@1)           E (022100@1)     D (xx0232@1)      I wanna know that love will surround us
            A (x02220@1)          D (xx0232@1)      Eand (022100@1)you'll share it with me every day
 C#m7 (x4242x@1)         F#m (244222@1)       D (xx0232@1)      BmTell (x24432@1)me you'll care for me now and forever
          D (xx0232@1)                   EI'll (022100@1)give anything to hear you say
E (022100@1)                      Athat (x02220@1)I'm more than a friend

  {just play intro chords once}

VERSE 2: {same chords from 1st verse}
I'm gonna try in the future
not to live in the past
I guess that I was a dreamer
if I thought it could ever last
But every time that I see you
you bring me out in the sun
How can I hide it when we are together
I just know that you're the only one


BRIDGE: D (xx0232@1)               Bm (x24432@1)       I wanna make you see
                 Aeverything (x02220@1)you are to me
                DTry (xx0232@1)to understand
                 BmI (x24432@1)wonder if you can
                     EThe (022100@1)love I have for you
Ewill (022100@1)always be true

Play chorus 2 times and then fade out...
OK Guys... i guess the chords are correct coz its sounds the same when i play it along 
the song... NE wayz, take care.. bye.. c ya...

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