• Song:

    Deep In Love With You

  • Artist:

    Michael W. Smith

  • Album:

    A New Hallelujah

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Bb  Eb | Bb  Eb/Bb | Bb  Eb | Bb Bbmaj7   Eb  

Verse 1  
Bb                Eb   Bb              Eb/Bb    
  Sitting at Your Feet is where I want to be.  
    Bb             Eb         Bb  Eb/Bb    
I’m home when I am here with You.  
Bb             Eb   Bb              Eb/Bb  
Ruined by Your grace. Enamored by Your gaze.      
  Gm7              Eb                Fsus4  F    
I can’t resist the tenderness in You.  

Eb            Gm             Bbsus Bb  Bb/A  F/A  
  I’m deep in love with You, Ab -  ba, Fa  - ther.  
Gm7           Eb                  Bb            
  I’m deep in love with You, Lord.  
Eb             Gm             Bbsus  Bb   Bb/A  F/A    
  My heart, it beats for You, Prec - ious Je  - sus.  
Gm7           Eb                  Bb   
  I’m deep in love with You, Lord.  

Bb  Eb | Bb  Eb/Bb      

Verse 2  
Bb             Eb      Bb                Eb/Bb    
  Humbled and amazed that you would call my name.  
  Bb            Eb           Bb  Eb/Bb    
I never have to search a - gain.  
    Bb               Eb       Bb             Eb/Bb   
And there’s a deep desire that’s burning like a fire,          
   Gm7              Eb           Fsus4  F    
to know You as my closest friend.  

Chorus x2  

Bbsus       Bb          Bbsus                  Bb    
Lord, My Redeemer, Your Blood runs through my veins  
   Eb2                Bb/Eb       Eb2         Bb/Eb  
My love for you is deeper than it was yesterday  
  Eb2/G             Gm7      Eb2/G          Gm7  
I enter through the curtain, parted by your grace  
Ooohhhh, you’re the lover of my soul.
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