• Song:

    Draw Me Close To You

  • Artist:

    Michael W. Smith

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Intro: |  G5  |  G5  |  G5  |  G5  |  F5  |  
Bb5                  Eb5 
   Draw me close to you 
F5             Bb5 
   Never let me go 
F5             Eb5 
   I lay it all down again 
G5     G5               Eb5                 Eb5 
   To hear you say that I'm your friend 

Bb5                Eb5 
   You are my desire 
F5                 Bb5 
   No one else will do 
F5                       Eb5 
   Cause nothing else could take your place 
G5      F5                Eb5             
   To feel the warmth of your embrace 
Bb5                 Eb5   F5              Bb5    Eb5    F5     
   Help me find the way, bring me back to you 
Bb5         F5    Eb5 
   You're all I want 
Bb5         F5       Eb5    Eb5     F5 
   You're all I've ever needed 
Bb5         F5    Eb5    
   You're all I want 
Eb5            Eb5       Bb5 
   Help me know you are near
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