• Song:

    Mighty To Save

  • Artist:

    Michael W. Smith

  • Album:

    Decades of Worship

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Verse 1
    G5                                              E5
  Everyone needs compassion, a love that's never failing.
    Let mercy fall on me.
      G5                                          E5
   Everyone needs forgiveness, the kindness of a Savior
          D5                    C5
     The hope of nations.  

        G5                       D5                   C5
      Savior, He can move the mountains. Our God is mighty to save
         He is mighty to save.
             G5                    D5                   C5
          Forever, Author of salvation, He rose and conquered the grave.
                                     D5             G5
                Jesus conquered the grave.

Verse 2
          G5                                           E5
         So take me as you find me, all my fears and failures,
            and fill my life again.
           G5                                     E5
          I give my life to follow everything I believe in,
                  D5                    C5
                Now I surrender.

repeat chorus.
  Interlude: C5  D5  E5  D5

           C5                    G5                   D5                       
        | : Shine Your light and let the whole world see we're singing
               C5             G5           D5
              for the glory of the risen King, Jesus : | 
repeat 2x

repeat interlude

                   C5                              G5
       Shine your light on me. Shine your light on me.

                   C5                              D5
       Shine your light on me. Shine your light on me.

 repeat outro 4x
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