• Song:

    Ai Se Eu Te Pego

  • Artist:

    Michel Telo

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The good mood Song by Michel Telo is a very simple song, with only 4 Chords, during the whole song

it's like this:

B - F# - Abm - E

No Capo

e| ----------|----------|----------|----------|
B| -x-4----4-|-x-2----2-|-x-4----4-|-x-0----0-|
G| -x-4----4-|-x-3----3-|-x-4----4-|-x-1----1-|
D| -x-4----4-|-x-4----4-|-x-6----6-|-x-2----2-|
A| -x-2----2-|-x-4----4-|-x-6----6-|-x-2----2-|
E| ----------|-x-2----2-|-x-4----4-|-x-0----0-|

x = mute

that's it, hope you enjoy it :)
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