• Song:

    Love Me Like That

  • Artist:

    Michelle Branch

  • Album:

    Hotel Paper

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Michelle Branch
Love me like that (Feat. Sheryl Crow)
Hotel Paper
2003 Maverick Records
submitted by canuck_inbred@yahoo.com

hey!!! Michelle is one of the skilled female guitarists at all time!!!!her plucking
techniques reached out like this below in the intro part while singing at the same
time when I saw her performing live!!!! Her fingers are 5 times faster than me and
She's very impressive!!!!!! She's already palying guitar at the age of 10.

Try this guys!!!! This is one of the most difficult MB songs especially this intro,
Like Michelle did, her right hand uses 3 fingers the thumb, index and middle. Most
of the pluckers only uses thumb and index that's why they play this intro very slow.
Michelle is just simply talented just her fellow female singer/songwriter like Avril
Lavigne!!!! This song is one of the best collaborations at all time!!!! like Sheryl
Crow as the female rock star legend, nothing else could be better than this song more
than just a pop rock!!!!! it's closer to PURE ROCK!!!

Tuning: standard EADGBe

Chords used:

Cm-   x31010 or x35543 both are applicaple to the song.
Bb-   x13331 or 688766
Ab-   466444
Fm-   133111
C-    x32010 or x35553
Am-   x02210 or 577555
G-    320033
F-    133211

            Cm (x3)                                Bb

Verse 1: (Michelle)
Well you stole my heart
And I'll get it back
But look me in the eye babe
Tell me why ya love me like that
Why ya love me like that

Cm (x2) (Use the fast plucking above twice)

Verse 2: (Both)
Well I've walked this world
Five times or more
And after all this walking babe
You still got me crawlin on the floor
crawlin on the floor

Refrain 1: (Michelle)
    Ab          Bb             Ab
And I know this world keeps on turning
Keeps me yearning

Chorus: (Both)
C           Bb             Am         
How can you turn and walk away
   Bb           C
Pretending everythings okay?
    Bb                Am
How can you turn your back?
        Ab             Bb
Tell me why ya love me like that
Ab                  Bb
why ya love me like that?

Interlude: Cm--Bb-Cm

Verse 3: (Sheryl)
Well I thought you'd listen
But I'm shattered like broken glass
Well I thought that we'd be different babe
I thought that we would last
Yeah, I thought that we would last

Refrain 2: (Michelle)
    Ab          Bb              Ab
And I know this world keeps on spinning 
Every minute that you're in it

(repeat Chorus)

Bridge: (Michelle)
   Am            G                 F             G
Oh ho Love me or leave me baby but don't lead me on
Am                  G                    F
   With loving like yours believe me i'm better off
           Fm           Cm--Bb-Cm
I"m better off alone ho oh

Verse 4: (Both)
Well I was your gypsy
Throwing diamonds at your feet
Drifted round you like a satellite
Gave you everything you need
Everything you need

Refrain 3: (Michelle)
    Ab          Bb             Ab
And I know this world keeps on turning 
Keeps me yearning and yearning

(repeat Chorus)

Chorus 2: (Both)
C       Bb              Am
How can you just break away
    Bb                 C
Why can't you find the words to say
        Bb                 Am
Love is something you work at
        Ab                  Bb
Tell me why ya love me like that
Ab                  Bb
why ya love me like that
Ab                  Bb
Why ya love me like that? Oh

Outro: (Both)
How can you throw us away
Look at what you lost today
Now everything is shades of gray
And now you're pushing me away
Say all the things you need to say
Thought we were going all the way
Play all the games you wanna play
 Bb              Cm(Fade out using fast plucking in the intro)
Slowly we just fade away
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