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    Michelle Branch

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Michelle Branch
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: Ab then C#

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Eb -   x68886
Fm -   133111
C# -   x46664 
Ab -   466544
Bbm -  x13321
F# -   244322

Intro: Eb-Fm-C#-Ab

           it doesn't 

Verse 1:
Eb           Fm
  matter how far
apart we are now
Ab   Eb
  you can add up all 
    Fm          C#
the miles in between
Ab      Eb
  if you take a good 
Fm        C#
look all around now
Ab        Eb Fm
  all you see is you and
C# Ab
me   when i
Eb          Fm
  look at myself
in the mirror
Ab         Eb
  i see you standing 
       Fm        C#
there smiling at me
Ab       Eb
  and i'm right back
Fm       C#     Ab
at the beginning
       Eb  Fm      C#  Ab
lost inside this memory

Refrain 1:
Bbm                Eb
  i won't ever let go all 
Bbm              C#
  that i want to hold onto

     Eb   Fm     C# Ab
that we belong toge-ther
like the moon and 
 Fm       C# Ab
stars and midnight
Eb        Fm       C# Ab
we'll be strong fore--ver
   Eb    Fm     C# Ab
cuz we belong toge-ther
 Eb Fm C# Ab Eb Fm C# Ab
whoa, whoa.. whoa whoa

Verse 2:
doesn't matter how
Fm           C#
long that it takes you
Ab        Eb
  cuz i'll always 
   Fm            C#  Ab
be right by your side
  and even when 
Fm        C#
darkness awaits you
Ab        Eb
  i'll be there 
Fm           C#   Ab
  to be your light

Refrain 2:
Bbm                  Eb
  it's a hard lonely road
when you're standing 
outside in the cold
I'm hoping

(Repeat Chorus)

F#               C#
  sometimes it's hard 
                Bbm Ab Bbm Ab
to learn to let go
F#            C#
  life always knows the
right moments to 
Bbm      Eb
show you what you needed

Interlude: Eb-Fm-C#-Ab x2

     Eb   Fm     C# Ab
that we belong toge-ther
like the moon and 
 Fm       C#(hold)
stars and midnight

(Repeat Chorus except last line)
(Repeat Chorus)

 Eb Fm C# Ab Eb Fm C# Ab(hold)
whoa, whoa..
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