• Song:

    Wanting Out

  • Artist:

    Michelle Branch

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This is the song "Wanting Out" off of the "Are You Happy Now?" single. It's a
really great song and not too hard to play! I don't have the little riff yet near
the end, though.

Verse 1:
G                     Bm   A
I turned around
And there you were
                         Bm A
Standing in front of me
             G             Bm A
I can't ignore the fact that you
                          G   Bm A
Were back for more
                   G                               Bm A
It's kind of funny when you think about it
                   G                  Bm A
It's kind of hard to agree to disagree
                           G                 Bm     A
And now we're back to the start. No but, no but
               G                 Bm   A
like you want me to be
                  D A G
So take me away
                D               A  G
'Cause I don't wanna be here
                            Bm A                G
I should learn to speak up when enough is enough
                           Bm A
And I'm wanting out
Verse 2:
Em                      G
And I'm wanting out
G                                                        D
I saw you smiling in that photograph
                G                                        D
And I remember how we used to laugh
G            Bm A
But that was that
                     G                  Bm A
Forgive and forget is just easiest
Bm (hit C) D
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