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D                                   Em
Write a song, a song, write a song about her 
A7                                  D
Hum a tune, a tune, hum a tune, you miss her 
Words that wouldn't rhyme, wouldn't rhyme... It's over 
A7                                D
Start another line, start a line anew 

Dm                                   Bb
She's the kinda girl, a man, Lord, remembers 
  A7          D
Remembers.. remembers... 
Dm                                   Bb
She's the kinda girl you just got to love her 
       A7             D
If you know her and I knew her 

G                                    C
Sitting in the dark, in the darkness of my room 
               F                                    D
I wonder why I look the sky, look the sky begins to softly cry 
            G                                                  C
Morning new running through the grass throught the sweet green morning dew
                F                     D  
Clinging to her golden hair, I had to leave her 

G          /F#       /E      /D            Am  D  Am D     
Yesterdays newspaper forcast no rain for today 
                                               G  /F#  /E  /D            
Yesterdays news was old news the skies are all grey 
G            /F#       /E        /D           Am    D  Am D     
Winter is in labor and soon give birth to the Spring
                                                G  /F#  /E  /D            
And sprinkle the meadow with flowers for my Angeline 

Heartache and sorrow and sadness, unendlingly find 
Wings on her memory  with them , she flies to my mind 
She stretched her arms for a moment then went back to sleep 
While morning stood watching  ever so silently weep 

She opened her eyes, Lord, the minute my feet touched the floor 
The cold hardwood creaked with each step that I made to the door 
There I turned to her gently and said, "Hun, just look, Its Spring" 
Knowing outside the window the Winter looked for Angeline 
But yesterday's newspaper forcast no rain for today 

Sitting in the dark...
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