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C                         F C
Yesterday's gone like the ocean  
F Am                G
  Taken by the tide 
C                      F  C
Like the night and the morning 
F      Am            G 
Like a bird when she flies

Am                        Em
Yesterday's gone and it's only now 
  Am                        Em
A place where today used to be 
F                      C          E4   E
Lost in the space of forever and eternity  

But tomorrow the sun will be born in 
The twinkling of an eye 
Father and mother of morning
Hope of today's gone by 

The beginning of all that has happened 
Yet the ending of all that's to be 
Just a rhyme in the line of the song only time can sing 

        Am            Am/G        F
Ah, but I've read the book long before 
      D/F#           G    G/Ab        Am   
I had learned how to read between the lines   
Am\G F                     C                       E4  E       
I    saw only what I could see through my eyes not my mind 
God it takes a long time
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