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In A Silent Way
by (the magnificent) Miles Davis
from In A Silent Way
tabbed by Mounir Karadja (mounir_karadja@hotmail.com)

Cool, sexy jazz track with one single strong bass line. Preferably played on a contrabass, 
but works just fine with yer normal bass guitar. To get a smoother sound try hitting the strings
a bit down the string rather than up.

Standard tuning (G,D,A,E)

->| Legend
h | half-note
q | quarter-note
. | means it's "dotted", play it 1.5 times the normal length.

?|                                 main|
   h   q q q.q.  q q q h    q q

That's all folks, hope you like it.

**Fist in the air for bass players world-wide!**
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