• Song:

    Bottom Of The Ocean

  • Artist:

    Miley Cyrus

  • Album:

    Breakout (UK Album)

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*capo on 1st fret*

                  G                          Em                        Am
It's been in the past for a while / I get a flash and a smile / am i crazy /
               C             G                           Em
still miss ya baby / It was real, it was right, but it burned too hot to
                         Am                   C
survive / and all thats left is / all these ashes.

>Chorus< (AFTER CHORUS 2nd TIME GO TO *)
                 G                        Em
Where does the love go? / I don't know / when its all said and done /
                 C                                Am
How could i be losin you forever / after all the time we spent together? /
                G                       Em
I have to know why i have to lose you / now you've just become / like
     C                      Am                            G
everything I'll never find again / at the bottom of the ocean.


Verse2: In a dream, you appeared / for a while you were here / so i keep

sleepin / just to keep ya with me. / I'll draw a map / connect the dots /

with all the memories that i got / what I'm missin / I'll keep relivin.

>Chorus again<

* -spoken- < (strum once)
 G            Em      C       Am
This is it / Let go / Breathe


 G                                             Em
You don't have love me for me to baby ever understand / Just know i love
               C                                          Am
the time that we both had / and i don't wanna ever see ya sad / be happy /
      G                                                      Em
Cause i don't wanna hold you if you don't wanna tell me you love me babe /
Just know I'm gonna have to walk away / I'll be big enough for both of us
    Am < (strum once)
to say / be happpy.

(G,Em,C,Am) < (strum once)

 Em         < (strum once)
  C         < (strum once)
Be Happy

If you have any questions/comments e-mail me at faith_p93@yahoo.com
Thanx! :D
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