• Song:

    Butterfly Fly Away

  • Artist:

    Miley Cyrus

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This is the best one i have heard so far out of all of these. :) this is my first 
chord. feel free to comment :)

You can pick or strum these cords


down down up up down up

Standard tuning

Capo on 4th

Cadd9 Em7 Asus4 Em7 (X2)


you tucked me in 
turned out the light
Asus4           Em7
kept me safe and sound at night
Cadd9              Em7                Asus4 Em7
little girls depend on things like that
Cadd9                  Em7 
brushed my teeth and combed my hair
Asus4           Em7
had to drive me everywhere
Cadd9           Em7                 Asus4 Em7
you were always there when i looked back
           Cadd9      Em7
you had to do it all alone
       Asus4         Em7
make a living make a home
Cadd9             Em7              Asus4 Em7
must have been as hard as it could be
           Cadd9              Em7
and when i couldnt sleep at night
              Asus4                Em7
scared things wouldnt turn out right
Cadd9             Em7            Asus4
you would hold my hand and sing to me

Strum once each:
Dsus4 D
caterpillar in the tree
how youll wonder who youll be
Em7               Asus4              Dsus4 D
cant be hard but you can always dream
wish you may and wish you might
dont you worry hold on tight
Em7               Asus4          D
i promise you there will come a day
Strum Once:
Dsus4      D
butterfly fly away

Cadd9 Em7 Asus4 Em7 (X2)

Cadd9          Em7
butterfly fly away
Asus4              Em7
got your wings now you cant stay
Cadd9                 Em7                Asus4 Em7
take those dreams and make them all come true
Cadd9           Em7
butterfly fly away
Asus4              Em7
youve been waitin for this day
Cadd9         Em7               Asus4 Em7
all along you know just what to do 
Cadd9     Em7       Asus4    
butterfly butterfly butterfly

Strum Once:
Dsus4 4    D         
butterfly fly away
Cadd9 Em7 Asus4 Em7 (X2)
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