• Song:

    I miss you

  • Artist:

    Miley Cyrus

  • Album:

    Meet Miley Cyrus

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Em          Em          G                               D7
shalalalala shalalalala you used to call me your angel  said I was sent

                           A                                 E
straight down from heaven  you'd hold me close in your arms  I loved the

                        Am                            A
way you felt so strong  I never wanted you to leave   I wanted you to stay

                            D            A                   D
here holding me     Chorus: I miss you   I miss your smile   And I still

                                    A                                  D
shed a tear every once in a while   and even tough it's different now  your

still here somehow   my heart won't let you go  and I need you to know

D            A             D                                  
I miss you   shalalalala   I miss you(chorus is over here)     you used to

call me your

          A                                 C
dreamer   and now I'm living out my dream   oh how I wish you could see

D                                    A
everything that's happening for me   I'm thinking back on the path

D                                                        C
it's true that time is flying by to fast (repeat chorus) I know your in a

                    G                                           Am
better place yeah   but I wish that I could see your face ohh   I know your

where you need to be   even tough it's not here with me

(repeat chorus 2 times) end it with a G chord the last time you play the chorus!!! 
IDK if it's perfect but I did the best I could!!!

If you have any questions or commetns e-mail me at:
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