• Song:

    Bloody Nose

  • Artist:

    Milwaukee 5-0

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this song is fast and talks about the Boston Massacre, its a pretty stupid song
if you ask me , but the bass for it is coool. the bass play in Milwaukee 5-0, Myrtle Rose, 
has the same style as Flea from the redhotchilipeppers

G -----9h13----------------------6------------
D --5-------3--2------------5------5---3-----5
A --9-------3--4------2-----3------------4--7-
E 0--------8-----2--5--3---------6-------8--9-

then play

G ---------------------------
D ---------------------------
A --0-----0---0-----0---0----
E 9---999---9---999---9---999

then the ending part, which is

G ------------------------------
D ------------------------------
A ------9------------42---2-----
E 7h10-------9-9-9------------0~
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