• Song:

    Sink In The Snow

  • Artist:

    Milwaukee 5-0

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Song: Sink in the Snow
Band: Milwaukee 5-0
Album: Save Me(1989)
Bassist: Myrtle Rose

main riff

G ------------------------------------------------
D ---------8------4--2-----5---6--------5------6--
A --0--9--3---2---------3--------3-------54-------
E 0--9--7----4-3-2-----5-----8----3-5-4------6----

the intro of the other guys the other guys tab is totally off
he must of did like another song or something

real intro

G ---------------------
D -5----------4-------3
A -5------------------3
E 2--4--5--1-------0---

bass solo(for some reason myrtle uses 12h14 alot and he does it iin almost all the milwakee 5-0 songS)

G 12h14-------------------------12h14~----------------------
D -----12h14---------------12h14------14~--18p15------------
A ----------12h14-----12h14-----------------------0---------
E ---------------12h14------------------------------10h12h14

G 12~----------14---------12h14------------------------
D -----16-13-------12h14-----------12----12h14-------19
A ----------15-------------------9-------------10------
E --15--------------------12h14-------10----------12---

(this parts awesome)
G 15----17-------------15-----------12
D ---15--------17------------15------- 
A ---------19------15-----19-----17---
E ------------------------------------

thats it 
if you have any questions or comments, enail me at bassplayinbeast@mindspring.com
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