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Intro: D A G D x 2

Bm         G           D
I wouldn't mind if you took me in my sleep tonight
Bm         G             D
I wouldn't even put up a fight
Bm         G           D
I wouldn't care if you took it all away today
Bm         G                    D
I'm sure I wouldn't even miss the pain

Bm G x4

( G )   Bm        G              D
But I know I've got to live my life
    Bm    G            D
And roll around on the ground and feel the strife
    Bm    G           D
And realize along the way that I'm nothing more
       Bm       G           D
Than a grain of salt in the salt of the earth
                  Bm  G
And everything is grace

Bm G x4

D  A4            Bm7      G
So come on with the darkness
D A4            Bm7  G
  Come on with the fear
D         A4         Bm7      G
Cause I've got to start somewhere
D      A4            Bm7   G
And it might as well be here

Bm D G                Bm  D     G             
     When I'm finally naked and standing
Bm D G     Bm        G
     in the sunlight
Bm D G                 Bm  D       G
     I'll look back at all of this selfishness
Bm D   G
   and foolish pride
Bm D    G
    And laugh at myself
Bm D    G
    And laugh at myself
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