• Song:

    Moose A Moose - Critter Comrades Noggin

  • Artist:

    Misc Cartoons

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Critter Comrades
Sung by Moose A. Moose on Noggin

tabbed by 'White Magic' Mike
I did this one afternoon after not being able to find chords for this song
anywhere.  If there are mistakes, please feel free to correct me!
In this version, all Em chords are played normally but with the high e
string fingered on the 3rd fret

D                    G 
Some of my very best friends are furry

     Em                    A
Some bark a little bit and some are purry

        A6      Bm
And I'd love to share a sarsaparilla

       Em7                    A7
With a good-natured goat or a friendly gorilla.

      D                           G
And I find there's always quite a bit one can learn

        Em                        A
From an elephant - in other words, pachyderm

          A6      Bm
And you'd have to look long and look hard

          Em7                    A7
To find a pal as saintly as your nearest Saint Bernard

Dmaj7                   G
When you embark on your next nature study

  Dmaj7                        E
Remember that you might meet a budding best buddy

With a tail, she won't fail

To be a friend to the end

       G      A                D       Em
If you need a hand when you're down or blue

       G       A            D
Then a helpful paw may just comfort you.

          G        A                D       Em
Feathers, fins, or fur, when you're feeling sad

        G          A         D
Nothing cheers you up like a critter comrade!

D                      G
If you are bored, then why not make a bee line

        Em                   A
For the nearest seal or your local sea lion?

            A6    Bm 
Or, why not ask a tiger out to tea?

          Em7                         A7
I say, "Excuse me Miss Tiger, is that one lump or three?"

      Dmaj7                     G
And I find that beavers do make mighty good chums

         Dmaj7                       E
They can chew your ear off, but they get a lot done

With their tails, they won't fail

To be friends to the end

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