• Song:

    Sleeping Beauty - Once Upon A Dream

  • Artist:

    Misc Cartoons

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I know you 

I walked with you 
C7     [ch]F#dim7[/ch]  Gm7   C7
Once upon a   dream 
F  [ch]Abdim7[/ch]  Gm7      C7
I  know    you the gleam
in your eyes 
   D7    Gm7     C7
Is so familiar a gleam 
I know it's true that visions 
    Gm     D7        Gm
Are seldom all they seem 
[ch]Bdim7[/ch]   F/A    [ch]Abdim7[/ch]
But  if I know you 
  Gm               C
I know what you'll do 
         F        [ch]Adim7[/ch]
you'll love me at once 
the way you did 
Gm     Gm7/C   [ch]C7b9[/ch]   F
Once upon     a     dream
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