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    La Noire - I Always Kill The Things I Love

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    Misc Computer Games

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ARTIST: Claudia Brucken (feat. The Real Tuesday Weld)
ALBUM: L.A. Noire Official Soundtrack
SONG: (I Always Kill) The Things I Love
YEAR: 2011
TABBED BY: and frosting

Tuning: Standard (E A D B G E)

Special chords used:
Cmaj7/E : 035453
C7/Bb    : 6x535x (a C7 can be played, just mute the C root)
Em7b5   : 787877
Dm7/C  : 37565x (the bass note is optional for the walkdown, omit it if you want)
G/B       : 200033 (see the above note)

Intro: Cmaj7 Dm7 Em7 Dm7  x2

Verse 1:
Cmaj7      Cmaj7/E      Dm7      G7
I love the chase til the minute I win it

Gm7          A7                 Dm7             G7
A beautiful face til there's love for me in it

C                    C7/Bb    Am7       Ab7
Give me your heart and baby I'll bill it

C                    Am7          Dm7     G    C        Dm7
Cause I always kill        the things   I    love

Verse 2:
Cmaj7                Cmaj7/E     Dm7          G7
Some folk would die for the sake of another

Gm7                 A7               Dm7           G7
Lay down their life for their sisters and brothers

C                C7/Bb   Am7                 Ab7
For me sacrifice is something quite other 

C                     Am7             Dm7     G   C       Dm7      
Cause I love to kill          the things   I    love

The look in your eyes

Will turn to surprise

Em7                 Em7b5
As you feel the pain

And you realize

The one hurting you

Is somebody who 

G                Fmaj7        Em7     Eb7
Once said

I love you

Trumpet Solo:
Cmaj7      Cmaj7/E     Dm7     G7    Gm7    A7      Dm7   G7

C              C7/Bb         Am7    Ab7    C        Am7   Dm7   G    C

Verse 3:
Cmaj7      Cmaj7/E     
Someday we'll pay       

Dm7          G7
Back all we borrowed
Gm7              A7             Dm7      G7
What we love today we'll lose tomorrow

C                        C7/Bb     Am7           Ab7
But I won't need to wait for my share of sorrow

C                    Am7            Dm7      G     C
Cause I always kill       the things     I     love

C                   C7/Bb      Am7            Ab7
I won't need to wait for my share of sorrow

C                      Am7            Dm7/C    G/B     Fmaj7
Cause I already killed     the things        I       love

Fmaj7          Fm7
The things I love

N/C             (Cmaj7)
The things I love

I might tab out the horn solo if someone asks, it's fairly simple. There may be 
alignment problems with this tab, idk why but it always happens to me when I post, 
even though I wrote this one in the submission window. Anyways, post comments or 
questions here on the tab or my UG profile. Thanks!
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