• Song:

    Rhapsody A Musical Adventure - Our World

  • Artist:

    Misc Computer Games

Song: Our world
Original Author: Tenpei Sato
From Game: Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
Chords by: Gokenshadow

INTRO: |C|Em-Am|F|G|Am|Em-F|C|F|Dm|F|C|F-C|Dm

C        F              C
I can no longer hold it back
   Dm                   Em  Am               C        G   
My heart is filled with love. The feeling of love for you

C     F                  C
I can feel your precious heart
   Dm                Em    Am         G                C
Holding your hand in mine, I feel the special love, we have

      F           C
Is it just a fantasy?

It's not a fantasy

       F            C
Are we dancing in a dream?

It's not a dream

F                    C                B           G
I never ever want to wake up from the sweet sweet dream
         C         F       C
It's our world Our love is everywhere

       Dm       F                G
To the sky, our hearts will soar above

Our hearts will soar above
         C         F            Em   Am
It's our world Our love is everywhere

Our love is everywhere

F                    Dm              G
We can fly, together on the wings of love
F                G    Em                    Am
It's a wonderful feeling being in love with you

Please never go

I'll always stay

  Dm            Em                Am
I never want to stop dancing with you
     Dm                  Fm         C       G       C
This is our world, and I never ever want to let you go
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