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    Skyrim - Tale Of The Tongues

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    Misc Computer Games

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Various Artists/Voice Actors
"Tale of the Tongues" (Tavern Bard Song)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Soundtrack

Capo 2
Standard Tuning
3/4 Time Signature

Performed by the following voice actors:
- Colleen Delany as Lisette, Luaffyn, and Pantea
- Corri English as Karita
- Michael Gough as Ogmund and Talsgar the Wanderer
- Jason Mardsen as Sven, Mikael, and Delacourt

Am       G               Dm         Am
Alduin's wings, they did darken the sky.
    Am          G             Dm               Am
His roar fury's fire, and his scales sharpened scythes.
Am               G                 Dm              Am
Men ran and they cowered, and they fought and they died.
     C               Dm           Am           G
They burned and they bled as they issued their cries.

        Am         G            Dm       Am
We need saviors to free us from Alduin's rage.
Am            G             Dm         Am
Heroes on the field of this new war to wage.
       Am     G            Dm             Am
And if Alduin wins, man is gone from this world.
C           Dm            Am            G
Lost in the shadow of the black wings unfurled.

    C             G               F
But then came the Tongues on that terrible day.
C            G            F           Am
Steadfast as winter, they entered the fray.
    C             G        F        Am
And all heard the music of Alduin's doom.
    C             Dm      G              D
The sweet song of Skyrim, sky-shattering Thu'um.

    F              G             Am
And so the Tongues freed us from Alduin's rage.
         F           G              Am       C
Gave the gift of the Voice, ushered in a new Age.
   F          G             Am        D
If Alduin is eternal, then eternity's done.
         F       Am           G           Am
For his story is over and the dragons are gone.
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