• Song:

    Sing A New Song

  • Artist:

    Misc Praise Songs

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E      B        A        E              F#m     B         E         B7
Sing a new song unto the Lord, Let your song be sung from mountains high
E      B        G#7      C#m           F#m B7-E  B
Sing a new song unto the Lord, Singing alleluia.

E        B       A        E       C#m    B         E   B7
Yahweh's people dance for joy, oh come before the Lord.
     E       B       A         E         F#m        F#      B7
And play for Him on glad tambourines and let your trumpet sound. 

(Repeat Refrain)

Rise oh children from your sleep, your Savior now has come.
He has turned your sorrow to joy, and filled your soul with song. 

(Repeat Refrain)

Glad my soul for I have seen, the glory of the Lord
The trumpets sound, the dead shall be raised, I know my Savior lives. 

(Repeat Refrain)
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