• Song:

    Game Of Thrones - You Win Or You Die

  • Artist:

    Misc Soundtrack

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Game of Thrones Intro 
Interpretation by Karliene Reynolds

Song Name: You Win Or You Die

Verse 1:

   Cm/Am                            Gm/Em
A raven flies from the North to the sea

   B/G                            Cm/Am                            
A dragon whispers her name in the East


  [ch]G#/F[/ch]      E#/C           Fm/Dm      Cm/Am
A cold Iron throne holds a boy barely grown

  [ch]G#/F[/ch]           E#/C
A crown laced in lies

    Fm/Dm      G/E
You win or you die.

Verse 2:

    Cm/Am                         Gm/Em  
The watcher waits on the northern wall

    [ch]B/F[/ch]                         Cm/Am
A daughter picks up a warriors sword.


Verse 3: 

   Cm/Am                          Gm/Em
A brother bound to a love he must hide

    [ch]B/F[/ch]                             Cm/Am           
The youngers armour is worn in the mind.

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