• Song:

    Moonrise Kingdom - Cuckoo

  • Artist:

    Misc Soundtrack

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?Cuckoo!? by Benjamin Britten from a Moonrise Kingdom film (lyrics by Jane Taylor)
For any questions mail me to fffoma@gmail.com

Key: A-flat major
Time: 4/4

Intro: | N.C. (Cuckoo! is C to Ab) | Choir starts on the second beat of the second bar |

What do you do?
In April I open my bill
In Ma  -  y I sing night and day
In Ju  -  ne I change my tune
????In July far far I fly
   Bbm7     Fm/Ab  [ch]Ebm/Gb[/ch]  Fm7
In August awa       -       y
(Fm7)  DbMaj7  Bbm7
?I    must

| Ab5 | Repeat from the second beat |
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