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    Trail Of The Lonesome Pine - Laurel Hardy

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    Misc Soundtrack

After watching 'Way Out West', I had an urge to learn the timeless song which Stan 
and Oliver sing at the saloon. I found these chords on the Internet, as they 
weren't in the Tabs library, and thought I'd put it into Guitar Tabs format so 
that others may enjoy this excellent campfire song.

I do not claim ownership of this work. The website on which I found these chords is below:



The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
Words & Music by Ballard MacDonald & Harry Carroll, 1912
Recorded by Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, 1937
From the movie 'Way Out West'

D    Em   A   D  A7 D                Fdim      A
On a mountain in Virginia, stands a lonesome pine,

Gdim   A7  D            Bm   E     Edim   A  G/B  A7
Just below is the cabin home of a little girl of mine,

     D      Em7       D     G    D      B7              F#m
Her name is June and very, very soon, she'll belong to me,

D    F#m         D                      E                     A   Em7  A7
For I know she's waiting there for me, 'neath that lone pine tree.

A7/6  A7   D         F#m                E
  In  the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia,

        A           Em7  A7     D  G  D
On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine,

A7/6   A7           B7          E    Cdim  E7
 In   the pale moonshine, our hearts en - twine

Bm7-5  A   Em7        A   G/B A7  Em7   A7
Where she carved her name and I carved mine.

      D Am7        D         Am7  D7
Oh, June, like the mountains I'm blue;

         G   G/F#     Em7         F#
Like the pine, I am lonesome for you.

A7 Em7   D        Bm                E
In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia,

Cdim     A   G/B    A7  Edim   D
On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine.
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