• Song:

    David The Gnome Theme

  • Artist:

    Misc Television

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David the Gnome Theme

      E                          C#m
Look around you - There are many things to see
     A                          B
That some would say could never be
              E                            C#m
These things I know - It's true and I will tell you so
         A                   B
They are there to see if you beleive

A                      B             Abm                 C#m
Trolls and wizards and fairy kings - Birds that talk and fish that sing
    A                B         Abm                C#m
And if your heart is true then you will find them too
A          B                  Abm   C#m
  In every wish and dream and happy home
       A                B      E
You'll find the kingdom of the gnome
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