• Song:

    Ice King - Oh Bubblegum

  • Artist:

    Misc Television

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G, Em, C7, D
G, Em, C7, D

G                Em       
Slime Princess, you're alright!
C7               D
Flame Princess, you're okay.
G                  Em
Wildberry Princess could be better.
C7                        D
All of the princesses are pretty alright, but...

G   F#7    Bm
Oh, Bubblegum!
D                        G
You look like a lot of fun!
     F#7      Bm
I'm right outside!
D                    G
And that is how I know.

Hey, princess, did you get my text?
C7                  D
With a picture of my awesome gun-show!
G                Em  
I'm also working on my pecs!
C7                        D
If you like, I'll send you a picture of that, too.

G  F#7    Bm   D                 G
Oh Bubblegum, I really need someone
   F#7 Bm  D             G
Or anyone, pretty much anyone...
    F#7  Bm          D                         G
I'm so alone! Won't somebody tell me what's wrong with me!?
  Em         Cm       G
Anybody? Anybody? Anybody!

Anybody! Grod, in the sky,
Please tell me why!
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