• Song:

    Anchors Aweigh

  • Artist:

    Misc Traditional

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C  x32010
Am x02210
E  02210x
D  xx0232

C                      Am
anchors aweigh my boys anchors aweigh
farewell to forgein shores
we sail at break of day day day day
through our last night at shore
drink to the foam
until we meet again
heres wishing you a happy voyage home

navy fight song version - same chords new words:

stand navy down the field sails set to sky
we'll never change our course
so army you steer shy-y-y-y
roll up the score navy
anchors aweigh
sail navy down the field and
sink the army sink the army grey

get underway navy decks cleared for the fray
we'll hoist true navy blue
so army down your grey-y-y-y
full speed ahead navy
army heave to
furl black and grey and gold and
hoist the navy hoist the navy blue


here lies dobby, a free elf
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