• Song:

    3 Aces - I Remember

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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these guys are really a good band they are kid of and underground band right now though.
this song is for you scott wheeler, my friend in the whole freakin' world, you're my bro.
by the way Boo i still love you so much.

tuning: standard/ 6 string guitar
                          " I Remember" by 3 aces

cadd9      gmod  
i remember when we were friends

cadd9      gmod
i remember when we lived

cadd9      gmod
i remember when you said we'd 

cadd9           emod
make it till the end

cadd9      gmod 
i remember running from the cops

cadd9      gmod
i remember you wouldn't let me stop

would you come back

and be my friend

would you caome back

until the end
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