• Song:

    Adam Faith - Easy Going Me

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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Easy Going Me:Adam Faith.
#12 in UK in 1961.


F              C
Easy going me, wound up knowing you..
F                            C
what a pity you could not be easy going, too.
Bb                    F
All those other guys, you stepped out to see..
C                       F 
didn't worry easy going me.

              Bb                                F
But I stepped out one night, with somebody who, just one night
with somebody whose, eyes looked bright..
                      F         F7
made me think of you, all night long.
And next day, you came on all tight-lipped with me,
thought this chick must have flipped with me,
G                                       C         C7
though you think you're so hip with me, you're so wrong.

F              C
Easy going me, soon be showing you,
F                            C
where my easy-goin' lips are easy going to.
Bb                     F
Give me no hard times, who else could there be?
C                             F 
Who else pleasing, easy going me?

C                            F 
Who else teasing, easy going me?
C                              F 
Who else squeezing, easy going me? (Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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