• Song:

    Flux Capacitor - It All Came Down

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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Song Title: It All Came Down
written by: Cory Travis/Schafer/Keith Travis/Norwood
performed by: Flux Capacitor

Intro: Ab C B A Ab

 Ab        F#               Em      E
What can I say it's been so long

 C            D                    G       D
Been counting days but I've stayed strong

 Ab              F#                 Em      E
Can you feel the breeze it's cold outside

 C           D                 G       D    D
It's hard to see whats in your mind


 Am           Em                 D
Why can't you see the truth that lies

 D                  Am
Just outside your door

 Am         Em             D
I no longer fall for your cries 

 D                          Em         Am   Em   D
Now I'm better off than before.......

Instrumental bridge:


 G           Bm           C       
It all came down so long ago      

 D                   D
The sound of hearing your voice

 G        Bm             C
Makes me glad that I let go 

As if I had a choice

 Em         G         C            D
Don't know where I'm going but I'll be just fine

 Em          G         C            D
I won't look back not even just to pass the time

 G         Bm               C
Don't know what I want from you 

 D                 G
or why I see your face

 G             Bm             C
Guess there's nothing left to do

 D                   Em
But move at my own pace

 Em    G    C                     D
It's a hard road I've taken but I made it through

 Em         G         C              D
It makes me strong to know that I am done with you 

 Lead Solo

Repeat first chorus

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