• Song:

    Flux Capacitor - Take A Trip

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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Song Title: Take a Trip
written by: RP Schafer
performed by: Flux Capacitor

Intro: A D (3x)

verse 1:

 D                D
Warm breeze on my face 

 D                D               A
the sun falls down before my very eyes

 D           D
Travlin' far away

 D                    D               A
the road ahead brings darkness to the skies

        G              F#                   Em         B             A
but the darkness will surround you till the stars burn holes in your eyes

verse 2:

 D                   D
I don't know where I am

 D                D                 A
all signs lead to lands I've never been

 D               D
I drift away to dream 

 D                D                  A
to a place in my mind where I can be free

        G              F#                    Em         B           A
but the darkness will surround you and it'll cast your mind to the sea

A  A7  bridge:

 Bm                  F#
waves............ ah waves.........

 G                  A              Bm
I'm swept away I'm lost inside the maze....

 Bm                      Bm
and the darnkness in her eyes

 Bm               Bm
hides the lonley skies

 F#                   F#
long enough to let it in

E    F    F#


B  D   G  (6x) fast then slow

E   F   F#

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