• Song:

    Fondue Pot - Pieces Of A Heart

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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This is a garage band from PA.
Our website is www.angelfire.com/band2/lakeober

This song is dedicated to Alexia Stacknick

Intro: D-G-B-A(2x)
Verse 1:
D                    G            B         A
It hasn't been that long since I have seen you.
D           G             B                 A
But faces fade away like sand through open fingers.
D               G             B           A
Your laughing smiles what I remember the best.
D          G                 B                 A
And pieces of a heart are splintering from my chest.

D     A      B      G
What is this all about?
D     A      B      G
What is this all about?
D     A      B      G
What is this all about?
     D        A       B
Am I falling for his girl?

Verse 2:
D               G             B                        A
Time is passing so very slow and please don't pass me by.
D           G           B               A
Please forgive me if I ever have done wrong.

G              B            A           G
This song is not to try to win you over now.
G             B      D          G
This is truly how I feel on th inside. 
G             B    D               G
And all I ask is that you give me just one chance.

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