• Song:

    For The Birds - Daf

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

Intro:  G  Cmaj7   G  Cmaj7

gangsata, hot cops, witches and nuns
pirates, zombies, tequila and rum
stayin' up, sleepin' in, party all night
get a little crazy we might start a fight
...with you.

when your feelin' sick grab a pot or a pan,
wrapped around the toilet we'll give you a hand,
drunk by 8 and dead by 10,
wake up and say you'll never do it agian.

mom picks you up, go home for a snooze
call big T for the hook up with the booze
drinkin' too fast, and never too slow
hidin' in the woods from the 5.0

sell me a turbin, and call me aladin
not just allways drunk, just chillin' and chattin'
melissaw and debra are allways in the nude
makin' some pizza, eggrolls and stroods.

30 poeple in the camp all blazin' up pot
takin' off the layerz cause its gettin hot
goin to the dance all lookin damn fine
6AM its texas breakfast time!

Rangers comin to kick us out
everyone loves kissin' girls on the mouth
its okay, when your drunk its fine
kynan gives shows to boys online

Gangstas, hotcops, witches and nuns
pirates, zombies, tequila and rum
stayin' up, sleepin' in party all night
get a little crazy we might start a fight
... with you

best friends forever and were never gonna stop
a million funny times that no one can top
i dont see what anyone can see in anyone else
.. but you.
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