• Song:

    Frankie Laine - Jezebel

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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playing it this way sounds much more like the recording being that its in the right key

                                "Jezebel" by Frankie Laine

     Intro chords:


    big ones:




    C                  Bb     C               Bb
if ever the devil was born, without a pair of horns
         C   C#      C
it was you, jezebel it was you
   C                Bb        C               Bb
if ever the devils plan, was meant to torment man
         C   C#      C
it was you, jezebel it was you
     F             Eb     F          Eb
if ever a pair of eyes! promised paradise!
   F          Eb        C#         C
decieving me leading me leaving me blue
 it was you

        then back to:

    C             Bb   C Bb
if ever an angel fell, jezebel
         C   C#      C
it was you, jezebel it was you

         magic part:

    C            Bb           C
twould be better had i never known
    Bb           C
a lover such as you
            Ab                    Bb            C#  C
Forsaking dreams and all for the siren call of your arms

  C            Bb                 C    Bb                 C
Like a demon, love possessed me, you obsessed me constantly
           Ab                   Bb            C#      C
What evil star is mine, that my fate's design should be


        ends with:

and thats all! hopefully this gets you on your way to playing this classic song!
note:a lot of the chords here are enharmonic(meaning they are the same but with different
 names given) thats because it makes more sense that way when you are ascending or 
descending the fretboard using a barre chord

have fun and keep rocking!
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