• Song:

    Fred Hammond - You Are The Living Word

  • Artist:

    Misc Unsigned Bands

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Verse 1:
   Eb   Ab/C   Bb/D   Eb   Ab/C Bb/D
Bread of Life, sent down from glory
   Eb   Ab/C  Bb/D    G/B Cm
Many things you were on Earth
  F/A   Bb   Eb/G   Ab2  Ab
A Holy King, a carpenter
 Amaj7      Ab6       Eb
You are the living Word

Verse 2:

Awesome Ruler, gentle Redeemer

God with us the Living Truth

And what a friend we have in You

You are the living Word

Verse 3:

Jesus, Jesus that's what we call you

Manger born put on a tree

You died to save humanity

You are the living Word
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